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For the next celebration release From Legendary version of Mass Effect, Bioware published by prof Content Package Completely free, designed for fans. These include a massive soundtrack track with Mass Effect (includes the new track exclusively for the legendary release: “New Synth”), a unique experience creating custom master art and many other additional content.

A web app that allows you to create Custom artwork From the saga lies Who is the. What you have to do to use it is to simply select the characters you want as the main or secondary, then the background to which you will set the scene and that’s it. Once you create your work, you can download it as a 4K wallpaper, game cover, or photo to share on the web.

Let’s see what other content you can download from Who is the:

For fans looking for space-age rhythms to experience Normandy, BioWare has created an 88-track long video featuring the soundtracks for all three video games in the trilogy, which includes three custom art pieces designed specifically for the occasion. Also includes the song “Resynthesis,” which is Mass Effect Trilogy’s debut single. Step into the spirit of Mass Effect with the biggest hits from the series’ soundtrack here.

Bioware has finally released a large amount of bonus content that was previously available through Deluxe versions of Mass Effect 2 and 3, which fans can now download for free. This content release contains 88 music tracks from the entire trilogy, including remixes, 2 digital art books, 2 digital comic books, and digital lithographs of Normandy in action. Download bonus content is available here.

Before leaving, we remind you that the legendary version of Mass Effect will be available from May 14, 2021 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Of course it will also be playable in backward compatibility PS5 e Xbox Series X e S.

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