Billionaire Gautam Adani overtakes Jeff Bezos to become the second richest man in the world

Jeff Bezos He is no longer the second richest man in the world. to replace him Gautam Adanithe Indian industrialist, second only to a Elon Musk And the first Asian to reach such a high position in the ranking. there Bloomberg Billionaires Reports indicate that its net assets amount to 147 billion dollars against the 264 billion Tesla sponsor. according to what The Wall Street JournalMany of the richest assets have suffered declines due to rising interest rates and inflation. Most of them, in fact, have a portion of their net worth tied to the financial markets. However, Adani’s overcoming of Bezos is also due to the latter’s resignation as Amazon CEO. Since he is the only CEO of the giant company, Amazon stock has lost its value causing a Bezos’ fortune drops by $45.5 billion.

Beyond Aden’s heritage: renewables, energy and gas

Gautam Adani has companies in the renewable energy sector, electricity and gas distribution. By April 2022, his assets have arrived More than 100 billion dollars Overtaking businessman and economist Warren Buffett, he is also among the 10 richest companies in the world. During the year, Adani’s assets increased by 70 billion dollarsThanks to the acquisition of two cement companies listed in India in an agreement worth 10.5 billion. Adani is the only one whose net worth has grown in this sensitive year for the global economy. In fact, 9 of the 10 richest people have seen a decline in their number.

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