Billie Eilish calls it “William Eyelash” by Dionne Warwick and Twitter just can’t handle it

The legendary singer thought that was the name Eilish after watching SNL.

It’s the gem we didn’t know we needed on Twitter, but Dionne Warwick has been a standout for many social media users. We previously reported Warwick interacting with the Chance the Rapper and the Weeknd, And it seems as if she secured a collaboration with one, if not both, of the makers of success. The 80-year-old returned Monday (Dec.14) to complete vocals for Grammy Award-winning Billie Eilish, but an accident with her name sparked a Twitter outbreak.

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The legendary singer wrote on Twitter: “I spent time watching William Eyelash. So terrifying. Great voices. Billieeilish” As expected, the audience thought Warwick was mocking Eilish, but the singer came back to say she was under the impression that “William Eyelash” was Name Eilish due to Saturday Night Live.

“I thought her name was William Eyelash from NBCSNL performance. I know that Her name is Billy now,“I wrote.” She sings like Halloween. Warwick was also highlighted in the final episode of SNLAnd unlike Her anger at Wendy Williams For being mentioned on her show, the singer welcomed the inclusion of graphic comedy.

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