Billie de Monfort is upset

Bailey de Montfort at the front and the longest, in the French Riviera in Turin. In Bahia Quesnot and Elsa de Belfonds at launch, Vivid Wise As at the deadlift (when she was visibly meandering), in that easy life of the French led by Gabriele Gelormini, always on time when she has an important opportunity. On the track he grew up in, Gabi walked smoothly along the entire road (27.3 for the first 400 meters, 42 buckets for the 600, 57.8 for the 800 and 1.12.1 for the kilometer) and in line to the end when opponents were left to fight for second place, Billie de Montfort closed with an average of 1.11.1, a new record for a Turin classic on the mile (1.11.2 previously Cokstile in 2020).

Arazzi Boco, who had tried in vain to disturb Billy de Montfort in the early stages, let go despite staying all the way in the heels of the tread. Thus the platform was completed by two horses who crossed the entire path outside: Amun Yu-cm, even if generous to the last meter, paid to advance on the third wheel to pass it and so was Zacharias Bar the second. First, second. The pair is on the back of Deimos Racing and then unleashes himself in the third wheel in the final half. Vitruvius did well as well, giving up the launch with 13 years to quietly settle in the rear but was the protagonist of a good final straight line: he arrived near Zaccaria Bar and Amon You Sm after he was still on everyone’s queue in the last corner!

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Gilormini remained entrenched at the awards ceremony, but revealed with words of satisfaction: “Winning in Italy and especially in Turin is always a great emotion for me. The race came as I had hoped. Arazi Poco was stubborn until the first corner, when we went away so quickly, and then I gave way to him on the rope and I played it in front of me softly, after seeing that Vivid Wise As was out of the game. In any case when you ask her for an additional extension to the recent 400-500, Bailey is still going strong. Future plans? Let’s see … Sebastian Gourato (France coach) always gives me carte blanche in choosing commitments, and here we scored at the last minute. Suppose, however, that subsequent tests of the TGV circuit are definitely available, at Argentan, La Capelle, Jagersro, and Cagnes sur Mer (respectively May 2, July 11, July 27, and August 28 – ed). She’s definitely 9 years old, Billy, but she looks like a filly.

The daughter of Yasmine de Fleur, who belongs to Philippe Dauphine, was on her fourth Italian trip: before this success in Turin, she was fourth in the heat and third in the final at Palio dei Comuni 2019 in Montegiorgio, second in battery and fourth in the final at GP Lottery 2020 In Naples, and first at the 2020 Nations GP in Milan.

GP French Riviera – TQQ (Group 1, € 180,400, 1,600m): 1. Billi de Monfort (G Gilormini) 11.1, 2. Zacharia Bar 11.5, 3. Amon U cm 11.6, 4. Vitruvius 11.8, 5. Demos Racing 12.0. everything. 7.15 2.82 2.35 3.89 (36.92) Tris 5-8-11, 235.45 euros for 27 winners; Quarter 5-8-11-13, Nevada; Quinté 5-8-11-13-3, Euros for the winners.

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