Billiards for a winter evening with friends

For a large number of risers, who made billiards Their biggest passion and sporting movement, aiming to win coveted prizes, there are many that they just can’t do without Swimming pool any The perfect winter game to move your Evenings with friends. It is not just a game consisting of great ingenuity and a perfect eye to make the billiard balls run and meet, according to certain rules, on a special table, and go to the hole to generate points, but it is a real opportunity for entertainment and conviviality. all about Billiards OriginsAnd how to play And how to set up a perfect game even at home, to have fun with friends without necessarily having to go to a pub or arcade.

What is the game of billiards and its history

It is often referred to as soccer scheduleor Swimming poolin honor of its American version, the billiards It is a completely historical game. Today, billiards is a full-fledged sports discipline, subject to the organization of real teams of participants, national and international championships, as well as world championships in individual disciplines. Billiards is known to almost everyone, even those who have not played anything or have not played anything at all, characteristic field of play: a Rectangular tablesurrounded by banks, the surface of which is usually covered with a Soft green clothto facilitate friction balls (balls or balls) The heroes of the game. In fact, it is up to them to secure the player’s points, after transferring it with the help of a special rod called Signalunless we are referring to a specific type of billiards called boccette, in which the balls are shown on the table to play with two hands.

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An inevitable piece of furniture and playing on the sets of the most famous national and foreign TV series, praising the beauty of the last century and for example the early twentieth century, between lights and shadows, billiards Is it really such an old tradition? absolutely yes. Its history seems to have its roots even in loreAncient Egyptfrom Classical Greece Based onGuidance, in which a game very similar to modern billiards is played directly on the ground, striking and thus making the balls rotate with the help of long sticks, so that by colliding with each other they can reach certain locations and thus generate, in all probability, game points. However, interest in this discipline and way of entertainment, today is particularly loved by young people as well Stirring perfect winter Saturday nights with friendsgrew during the Middle Ages, when in Ireland and the United Kingdom we witnessed the great spread of balliard. But in the history of billiards there is also the French Louis XI, who was the first to play on a real billiard table, similar to the one used today. This was the beginning of the spread billiards throughout the European continent, and then on a worldwide scale, with great love and devotion to its practice by the courts and wealthier classes, before it also affected the people.

How to play billiards

beautiful billiards, to enjoy a winter Saturday evening with friends, but how to play? And above all, is it really that hard? The answer is no, and everyone can, by improving their technique and dexterity over time, become a skilled player.

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What you need to play billiards: a pool table, a cue suitable for your height (in fact, there are different heights and tips, between soft or medium, suitable for beginners and hard for those with experience), a mixture of special balls.

At the moment the game mode a billiards from “The Eight Balls” It is certainly the most widespread, used and applied. To start the game, you must first group the fifteen balls into a triangle. The task of one of the players will be to break the castle. If you are already at this step, The ball goes into the holeA similar type of marble, solid or striped, will be designated for use in the rest match. He will also be entitled to play another round immediately, while the remaining pool balls will be assigned to the second player. So billiards consists ofGradually pocket them all marble from your team. When this happens, it’s the rest’s turn Number eight ball, also known as a very important point, because the first to put it, is the overall winner of the game. Similarly, in the somewhat “unforgiving” rule of the game, if a player happens to pocket the eight-ball before all of his other pool balls in the entire court have been knocked down, the game is lost.

A little different is the so-called swing Italian billiards. Model table for this Game It has no holes and you can see the presence of the sun on its well-known green cloth Three marbles: red is a snitch, the other two are white and yellow. Five pins (one red and four white) are placed in the center of the Italian pool table to form a cross. The role of the game is expressed with the participants who, once each, throw their billiard ball, hitting the opponent’s ball. Every time you hit the shot, you score points, until you win when your odds reach 61. You get two points if you hit the white pins, five points if you hit the red dot, and four points if you hit the red and white.

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Evening with friends: play billiards even at home

Want to try their hand at an animated game billiards Thus, challenge your friends to an exciting game Saturday night game? There are indeed many pubs, bars and cafes, but there are also halls Game spread all over the country, both in the city center and in the suburbs, within which it offers the possibility to play billiards and have fun with friends, but also with new acquaintances, while The best winter evenings. If the group decision is instead of a color Saturday decision comfortable And sheltered from the cold, at a pleasant dinner with friends, without giving up the pool entertainment, it is now possible to set up a customized table Even at home. In fact, there are already many toy and sporting goods brands that sell many types of toys both on their physical shelves and online Pool tabletogether with auctions And marble necessary. It can be assembled in a few minutes and easily, for an unforgettable Saturday night.

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