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In recent years, various debates have been ignited about the future of our humanity in the face of many threats such as pollution or global warming. After years of looking the other way, some time ago Earth’s greats began sounding the alarm about the future of Earth and generations to come. Topics such as global warming or pollution can no longer be put off. It is necessary to act now in order to maintain a healthy and peaceful life on our planet.

Whoever sounded the alarm about the future of our planet was also the founder and philanthropist of Microsoft Bill Gates. Gates, one of the richest men on Earth, has been at the forefront of social and philanthropic causes for years, such as research or donating vaccines or treatments for various ailments. A few months ago he announced his intention to donate all of his fortune to the foundation that bears his and his ex-wife’s name.

Constant alarms hinted at pessimistic thoughts about the future of new generations. Instead, Bill Gates said in a recent interview that he is very optimistic about the future of humanity.

For Bill Gates, it would be much better to be born 20 years later than it was in the past

Pollution, global warming, and the threats of new epidemics but also from nuclear conflict. There are many reasons why we should consider a less rosy future for posterity. But according to the benefactor Bill Gates It will always be better to be born in 20,30,40 than in any previous era.

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“I am still very optimistic that it will be much better to be born in 20 years, 40 years, or 60 years than at any other time in the past.” – said the founder of Microsoft in a recent interview.

Given the latest alarms, according to Gates, it is easy to have a negative vision of the future, which overrides the real dangers. In the interview, the philanthropist emphasized why, in spite of everything, it would be better to live in a future era than in an earlier one. First to apply that medicine over the years resulting in a nearly doubling of life expectancy at about 300 years. “Human life expectancy has improved dramatically over the past three centuries. In the eighteenth century, the average person died before reaching the age of 40. Life expectancy in the United States today is 76.1 years.” – He said. And “It doesn’t matter if you’re a king or a pauper, I’ve had massive infant deaths.” According to Gates.

Innovation has led to an overall improvement in the human condition which will lead to a gradual improvement: “We will cure obesity, cure cancer and eradicate polio.”

Gates also praised the developmentRenewable energy Able to significantly reduce pollution and global warming caused by fossil fuels. Same for Technological innovations Which allow and will allow tremendous progress in strategically important sectors such as education or health. “The amount of educated IQs out there in the world, and the quality of the tools we have to drive our innovations forward, whether it be health or energy or education, these are amazing things.” – her words.

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However, along with an optimistic vision, according to Gates, technological innovation, if used in the wrong way, can also be a danger. “Modernity also comes with some risks, but overall, I’m incredibly optimistic.” – He finished.

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