Bill Gates is changing smartphones and rewarding (again) the design of the future

Thanks “encore” from Bill Gates On Reddit it is now possible to find out any smartphone Owned by one of the richest men in the world. The source is completely unrecognizable: the information comes from Bill Gates himself.

Bill Gates

While to find out which The smartphone was used by US President Joe Biden It was necessary to carefully study some photos of his general appearance, Bill Gates decided to make it easier for everyone. In fact, the founder of Microsoft gave life again, for the eleventh time, to a Ask me anything on Reddit: Users were then given the ability to ask (almost) anything. And to the question of which device he had, the answer was almost straightforward: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

We said the answer is not unexpected for only one reason: Bill Gates is known to be a very methodical and routine man. And even in this field he does not seem to want to deviate from the thing: last year To the same question was the answer “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3In short, as is almost logical to expect from a man who combines technology with habits, Bill Gates confirms the choices made but always tries to stay on top of the wave of modernity.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Bill Gates also answered “why” he decided to choose the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold again, and in this case the answer was also not unexpected:

I use Outlook and a lot of Microsoft programs. Screen size means I don’t use a tablet, just my phone and my laptop, a Windows PC“.

However, during ask me anything it came out another one (strange?) Curiosity; Unhappy to hear what smartphone he owns, another user asked Gates How much did he pay for it. We were surprised (but not too much) to find out that Gates has a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 A direct gift from Lee Jae Young’s handPresident of the Korean company.

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