Bill Gates has been practicing pickle ball for 50 years, the ‘new bait’ for young and old

In the United States, it has been ranked as the fastest growing sport for the second year in a row, but Bill Gates has been practicing it for 50 years. and the pickle, which is a mixture of tennis, alternative and badminton. In Europe it is still a niche, in Italy, AIP, Italian Pickle Ball AssociationIt was founded in 2018, so the feeling is that it’s growing just about everywhere though at a slower pace at the moment.

The video uploaded by Bill Gates to his YouTube channel (with nearly 3 million subscribers) could give a small extra boost to knowledge of the game outside the US, having also been reproduced in 24 hours on more than 250,000 occasions. Gates explains that he stayed I was surprised at the rate at which it gained popularity “One of my favorite hobbies with weird names and terms”.

You can’t blame him: your religionfor example, is the name of a light shot addressed to kitchen From the opponent’s field, literally kitchen, The area near the net where the ball cannot be hit in flight. Despite the funny names, both in sound and in meaning, Gates assures us that it is a game Sophisticated but Easy to learn. People say this about many sports, even challenging ones like golf In the case of the Buckleball, this is true..

Pickleball originated in 1965 with the name Boredom solve. One summer evening, three parents devised it for their children who complained that they had nothing to do. So on the old badminton court they created a game for the whole family with a net, waffle ball and ping pong paddles. In the following years, the three friends formalized the rules and perfected the “tools” (a racket larger than a table tennis racket, for example), by choosing the name pickle.

Gates’ father He was a friend of inventors and in the late 1960s he installed a pickle playground in the house where young Bill lived, a pickle Where. Today, nearly 5 million people practice it in the United States, with a 40% growth in the past two years. “I expect it to grow again”Gates says.

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