Bill Belichick, Patriots part ways: Ranking top replacements for legendary coachs shoes in New England

Title: New England Patriots Begin Rebuilding Process After Worst Season in Two Decades

In a surprising turn of events, the New England Patriots concluded their 2020 season as the worst team in the AFC East, marking their worst performance in over 20 years. As the shockwaves from this disappointing season settle, the Patriots now face the reality of a major restructuring effort.

After an illustrious tenure of 24 seasons, Bill Belichick, the esteemed head coach of the Patriots, has officially left the franchise. This news has left fans in a state of disbelief, as Belichick’s departure signifies the end of an era for the Patriots. Not only did Belichick guide the team from the sidelines, but he also served as the head of the front office.

With the departure of their head coach and general manager, the Patriots find themselves on the hunt for suitable successors to fill both critical positions. While several names are being considered, one potential candidate to succeed Belichick is Jerod Mayo, who is currently a linebackers coach for the team. Mayo has gained favoritism from ownership due to his strong leadership skills and in-depth knowledge of the Patriot’s system.

The team, though, is not limiting their options and has also considered other potential head coach candidates who have ties to Belichick. One such candidate is Mike Vrabel, a former Patriot who played under Belichick from 2001 to 2008. Another option is Brian Flores, a former assistant coach under Belichick who currently serves as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

In terms of filling the general manager role, possibilities include promoting Matt Groh, the current director of player personnel for the Patriots. Groh’s familiarity with the organization and his diligent work have earned him recognition as a potential candidate. Other names being floated include Nick Caserio, who has strong ties to team owner Robert Kraft, and Jon Robinson, who was previously part of the organization until 2013.

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On the other hand, the Patriots also have the option of taking a completely fresh approach by appointing a head coach and general manager with no ties to Belichick’s reign. This decision could open doors for candidates like Ben Johnson, Bobby Slowik, Jim Harbaugh, and Shane Waldron to take on the head coaching position. For the general manager role, intriguing options include Adam Peters, Mike Borgonzi, and Ian Cunningham.

Despite the daunting task of replacing an iconic figure like Belichick, the Patriots continue to remain an attractive destination for prospective coaches and general managers. The team’s high number of draft picks and significant cap space for the upcoming offseason provide an alluring opportunity for rebuilding and revitalizing the squad.

As the New England Patriots embark on this critical period of change, the football world eagerly awaits the unveiling of the new leadership that will shape the franchise’s future. With the right choices, the Patriots could once again become a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

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