Big Team Battle and 4v4 in the next multiplayer beta –

infinite aura It continues its development path until the date of release, and it is going through various stages of testing, including them Next beta Which will still include multiplayer elements, most notably Big Team Battle and 4 vs 4.

After the latest beta version of the technology for multiplayer, which has proven remarkably successful, Halo Infinite will go through a new testing phase focused on others. the situation From the game, including the popular Big Team Battle and 4v4 team mode, with more content and users involved than seen in the first phase.

New update in Video On the status of Halo Infinite’s development, bring some of this new content into testing for users who are part of the Halo Insider Program, more news will be coming in the coming days.

L’operation product Sam Hancho At least 343 companies have confirmed the existence of the two modes in question, as well as the contents already in the previous beta, including the presence of bots and weapons training, as well as the first experiences with the grappling hook.

In the meantime, from the video update itself, we learned that the release date is near, but also the co-op campaign and Forge will come later, while previously unofficial information emerged that Halo Infinite will have a picture mode.

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