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To air on the evening of Sunday, May 8 at 9.20 p.m. on Canale 5 the final episode of Big Show, the variety show hosted by Enrico Papi.

Tonight, Sunday, May 8, 9:30 p.m. Channel 5 The final episode of Big Show is broadcast, with Enrico Papi. A diverse group where everyone can become heroes, even the people present at the Audience Massimo Auditorium in Rome. It will be there next to Mosul Zeudi de Palmahumorist spark And Christina Davina. Many will attend the fifth episode guests who will participate in surprises, sketches and gags.

The Big Show May 8th live

The last episode of May 8 of big showLed variety Enrico Papi. Fellow adventurers enter the “helper” studio spark Miss Italy 2022 palm tree on notes “Hey Mom” From Manskin, accompanied by the ballet troupe. The first surprise in the episode shows a girl named from among the studio audience Buyer.

He’s single, but he might find his soul mate. After some questions the maestro asks three boys, whom you don’t know, and because of a wall you don’t see, you’ll choose the boy you like the most by listening to the answers. However, he does not know that once the wall is removed he will find his father from Bali whom he has not seen in many years.

episode big show May 8, continue to the midnight test. Enrico Papi And spark Sneak home at night German To subject him to the game with the complicity of his wife Aurora.

May 8 Big Show

Bernadette, the first major star in the episode

The first big star on the May 8th episode of big show is called Bernadette. married to Alexander Who wants to give his wife a gift. In fact, he wished to have her sing a song in front of the Massimo Auditorium in Rome. But Bernadette thinks she has to take an extended lesson which turns out to be a little weird. He instantly finds himself in front of the audience to perform on notes “I sing”.

Also in this last episode of big show “Private Correspondent” Christina Davina You will have to deliver a message from Alessio For a friend named Gigi. Through Christina he will confess to his friend that he caused some scratches on his car, which he tried to treat with his mother’s wedding kit. “We blacksmiths are like hands of hope […] Three four months ago you dropped the tongs on your Alpha Blue.” Christina sings on the musical basis of the song Smurfs.

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Next surprise big show He stars two of his friends, both of whom have a passion for singing. Their dream is to sing together, and Enrico Papi fulfilled this desire by having them perform in front of the Auditorium audience.

Big Show May 8 – Surprises continue

episode big show On May 8th it continues with the audition a Surprise. to play Enrico Who will have to make sure that his wife I Reply with specific answers to some of the questions he himself asked and suggested by the Popes. The next protagonist of the joke is called Sophiawho plays a lot of tricks on her husband memo But this evening he wanted to avenge himself.

A clip is shown showing how, in collusion with the program, he managed to prank his wife. Sophia thinks she should give an interview inside the place where she works. However, the partner reference interrupts the interview all the time.

For the latest episode of big show Kristina Davina will sing with some of the audience. The duo will unfold in a certain way. While Christina sings, a video emerged behind her of Alessandro, Sabrina, Demio, Katia and Emmanuel performing at Karaoke. At the end of the duo Christina Davina He sings the most famous cartoon songs.

Emanuela, the second big star in the episode

Enter the studio AsiaWho wants to play a joke on his father who is very jealous. With the complicity of transmission big show Asya, while having dinner with her parents, will introduce her boyfriend, but he is actually a partner. While eating dinner, the somewhat strange behavior of the fake friend causes stress to Asya’s father.

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The second big star on the May 8th episode of big show is called Emanuela. A month ago, she was told that she had been chosen to sing in the musical “Mamma Mia”. Under the pretext of taking pictures for the poster, she will find herself in front of the audience who will listen to her sing the song Abba.

The fifth and final episode of big showvisible in the app and on the website of Mediaset Infinity.

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