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A super novelty coming to Spotify, which is preparing to change its face and incorporate a new interface

Spotify will soon completely change its look on both iOS and Android (Getty Images)

Lots of news to come spotify. The world’s number one music streaming platform has become well known over the years for its wonderful presentation. Thanks to the monthly subscription – available in different denominations – it is possible to access a practically endless catalog that includes Artists and songs of all kinds.

For a few months too I audio notation It’s starting to be a hit, to the point where there are dedicated categories and sections. The number of subscribers continues to increase, and the developers of the Swedish platform want Ride the wave to Grandma’s voice. According to Android Police, it will be arriving soon A completely new interface.

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Spotify, all the details of the new interface

Here’s all the major upcoming news (Getty Images)

Appearance very reminiscent of the round look of Android 12. As Android Police mentioned, spotify Prepares to completely redesign the user interface of the music player within the application. This new version is offline being tested, It may take a few months after its release. So you don’t have to worry if your app hasn’t been updated yet It presents the usual appearance.

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Among the changes, we can see how the new style includes remove uniform background of tabbed browsing. In its place there will be a design transparent gradient. The trigger will no longer be rectangular, it will be precisely rounded and floating. Also change the color that will adapt by cover album or single. We are waiting for the official press releases from the company to know more about it.

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