Big Brother Spoilers: BB Comics Veto Win Rescues Alliance

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It’s a series of victories for Nicole. Nicole not only won HoH this week but tonight she also won the Veto: BB Comics contest.

At BB Comics, guests study the covers of comic books and then they must copy the covers in the correct order.

Nicole told Cody and Enzo that she would not change her nominations.

“It’s not happening. I’m keeping the nominations intact so we’re good. I’m glad Memphis is going home this week.”

“This is so pawning! This is a very big time!” Cody said praising Nicole’s timely win.

“This is what you want! This is what we need!” Enzo agreed.

The trio celebrated Christmas upstairs and Memphis tried to figure out a way out of the crowd downstairs.

“I’ll be sad all week but won’t show it.” Christmas Nicole said, “I’m going to talk to her and feel for her. “You have to offer her something.”

Memphis said, “You have a better relationship with her than I do.”

Christmas replied, “You can still see you and I as a team and as a team, Enzo as a team.”

You have to feel it. Memphis repeat: You have a better relationship.

“I think she might be open to a deal. She has another big goal at home. I just don’t know who that is,” said Christmas.

“We just have to make sure she doesn’t know we’re working together no matter what,” Memphis said.

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