Big banks are in the crosshairs

Internet scams haven’t ended with the spread of knowledge about how to stand up for themselves, and some still fall in love with it

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Still under thugs attack, UniCreditAnd the Understanding Saint Paul e BNL Unaware of everything, they loaned out their names for another online fraud attempt. Unfortunately, fraudsters are increasingly using the web to track our data. Also with SMS tell us about alleged DHL package in stockFake, too.

Unfortunately, there is no special peace for the more famous bank account holders, but also for the lesser known account holders, who often receive suspicious text or emails. This is because it is easy for cheaters to gain credibility and make the unfortunate click where they shouldn’t, putting their data at risk.

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How to defend yourself from new forms of online fraud

Although we should all now understand how and above all why, it is best to remember that thieves want our data, simply to gain access to a pin decoder. From our checking accounts to empty them. And it actually happened to those who simply answered To an SMS requesting “update credentials”So you always have to keep your eyes peeled, even with ads and ads on Facebook.

Several clients of major banks have revealed often that they have been approached to try to do so TrollingAction: We receive an email that tells us many times about a special promotion or bonus from our bank or a product. Both the name and the bank’s logo are often used to make everything more credible, then We are asked to click on the link.

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By clicking on it, we will be taken to what appears to be our institute’s reference page, everything is safe, apparently. Instead, scammers are very adept at creating passable pages when in reality we travel to a clone site, where once we enter our data, we will give it to criminals. Advice always to Contact the bank to verify the authenticity of the SMS received And in the case Inform the postal police.

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