Biella Hospital, Rehabilitation Medicine Complex building spaces converted into Covid zone –

As of today, Friday, December 17, 44 people have been transferred to the Covid hospital at Biella Hospital, divided as follows: 1 intensive care, 8 semi-intensive treatment (emergency medicine and surgery), 22 pulmonology, 11 rehabilitation medicine and 2 pediatrics .

In the face of the increase in the number of hospitalizations with Covid, the ASLBI has temporarily shifted the building spaces of the Rehabilitation Medicine Complex to the Covid District, with the aim of reorganizing with the aim of helping patients infected with the virus.

But at the moment, the continuation of the general activity of the hospital, outpatient clinics and hospitalization is regularly guaranteed to all citizens.

Among those hospitalized for Covid, about 70% of patients are not immunized (ie with 0 doses or with an incomplete vaccination course). The remainder appears to have completed the vaccination course.

In high-intensity treatment wards, unvaccinated patients are those who show the most severe symptoms caused by the virus, particularly from a respiratory point of view. On low-severity wards, vaccinated patients mainly come as a result of symptoms other than respiratory symptoms. From this picture of the situation, it is clear that vaccinations significantly reduce the number of hospitalizations in intensive care and semi-intensive care, and thus contribute to reducing the duration of hospitalization and any subsequent effects (the so-called “long Covid”).

Therefore, the purpose and usefulness of Covid vaccines has been greatly confirmed by the prevalence of more severe respiratory symptoms in emergency medicine and surgery for unvaccinated people, while vaccinated patients have stable conditions and moderate respiratory failure. Of the 44 hospitalized, 9 patients are undergoing intensive or semi-intensive treatment. These data demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign.

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Sincere and heartfelt thanks go from the General Administration of ASLBI to the medical and health personnel who have been involved for several months in anti-epidemic activities in the hospital and district, including vaccination campaigns, swabs, hospital care, assistance and accommodation of the injured. Individuals who, given the current situation, will continue to ensure the necessary levels of support.

In this sense, it is recommended the joint responsibility and utmost prudence of citizens during the holiday period, while respecting the usual precautions for infection control (personal distancing, hand hygiene and masks), to help contain the infection as much as possible, while preserving our health and the health of family members.

csasl bi, s.zo.

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