Biden’s US abortion: ‘Terrible decisions of the Supreme Court’

I think the Supreme Court took it ‘terrible decisions’. US President Joe said that Bidenreferring to the judgment againstmiscarriage And against restrictions on the portarms.

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“Yesterday I spoke about the shocking decision of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, there was a lot of talk in our house,” the president said. My wife Jill and I know what that decision is Painful and devastating to many Americans. It is a decision that states will implement. My administration will focus on how to manage it, and whether it violates other laws, such as not allowing people to travel to other states to access health services. We will take action to protect women’s rights and reproductive healthCNN quoted Biden.

And White House press secretary Karen-Jean-Pierre asserts that Biden will “continue to search for solutions” to guarantee the right to abortion. “There has been a lot of urgency on the part of this president and this White House about the next steps to be taken, especially now that we know the decision has been made,” Jean-Pierre told reporters traveling on Air Force One. In particular, they were cited Two specific steps Made by the White House immediately after the court ruling, or prospect Ensure access to abortion pills
And defending a woman’s right to travel to another country for an abortion If the procedure is prohibited in your state.

“These are two very big and tangible steps,” Jean-Pierre said, noting that Biden is “using his executive power” and “he will continue to find solutions, he will continue to talk to the leadership groups, he will continue to do so.” Talk to legal experts about what he can do from his position as a leader.”

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