Biden wears Cornwall, his wife Jill’s “Love” jacket and Melania Trump’s wretched jacket –

Jill Biden gave a show in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, Wearing a blue jacket with love written on the back. The first lady made it clear right away the meaning Reporters: The love we want to bring from America. We are trying to bring unity to the world and I hope people will feel a sense of hope after this pandemic year. The American media has an immediate Flick a photo of Melania Trump’s trip, on June 21, 2018 in McAllen, on the border with Mexico. On that occasion, Donald’s wife wore a green sports jacket with the inscription I don’t really care, do I? (anzich you ndr): I really do not care, and you?

Melania did not comment on this choice, her spokesperson tried to shorten it by saying that it was just a jacket. The former first lady later said it was in response to constant criticism from television and newspapers. But CNN reporter Kate Bennett wrote in Melania’s biography that this letter was in fact addressed to Ivanka Trump. Anyway, Jill’s jacket too It can be part of your communication strategy Developed by the White House. Biden and the first lady arrived in Europe with the goal of strengthening the alliance between liberal democracies and, at the same time, brushing off a flick of the political and even moral leadership of the United States, four years after Trump’s America First era. And in this strategy there is everything in it: the announcement that the United States will become the vaccine arsenal, by donating 500 million vaccines to 100 countries around the world within two years and the word of a generation of love.

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