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Washington – Joe Biden proposes to hold a summit on Vladimir Putin. At the same time preparing to Announces the date of withdrawal from AfghanistanSeptember 11, 2021, 20th anniversary The attack on the two towers. Consequently, about 2,500 American soldiers will return home, and according to NATO agreements, 7,000 allied countries, including 800 Italians, will also return. Among other things, Biden defined the engagement with Italy as “vital,” to celebrate 160 years of diplomatic relations with our country. Yesterday, however, the US president focused on Dangerous escalation in Ukraine. He had one Long phone call with the Russian leader Than in an interview on March 17th Called “the killer”. But it is clear that the proliferation of crises requires the resumption of dialogue. The Washington administration takes seriously requests for assistance from Kiev and monitors the maneuvers of the Russians: 40,000 soldiers have massed on the eastern Ukrainian border and another 40,000 moved to the Crimea peninsula, which Moscow occupied in 2014. In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry makes this known. 15 warships en route to the Black Sea“Within the framework of the exercises already planned.”

However, it is difficult not to notice a coincidence: a few days ago, the Turkish government announced that the Americans intend to send combat units (possibly an aircraft carrier) off the coast of Crimea. But the Pentagon has not confirmed this. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov sharply warned the Americans: “Stay away from the Crimea and our coasts. I say this for them. “. Biden ministers are mobilized. Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken met yesterday with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Koliba in Brussels, following the NATO meeting on the crisis. Meanwhile, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin announced from Berlin that the United States would not only reduce the force deployed in Germany, but would actually strengthen it by adding 500 troops to the approximately 36,000 in service. It got more complicated. Example: Now also Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposes himself as a mediator.

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So Biden decided to test Putin: An opening as well as a political challenge. “President Biden attached great importance to America’s inflexible commitment to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity … and called on Russia to reduce tensions,” the statement issued by the White House said. The chief’s goal is Build a stable and predictable relationship with RussiaThat is consistent with the interests of the United States. ”Conclusion: Biden“ suggested holding a summit in a third country in the coming months to discuss a full range of issues related to the United States and Russia. ”In addition to Ukraine, the list includes Nuclear weapons, IranSyria and Afghanistan itself.

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