Biden, topless transgender model in front of the White House: A storm is brewing

Topless in the White House: This is what happened during the US President’s event Joe Biden They wanted to hold it to celebrate Pride 2023. To appeal to all transgender models, Rose Montoya One of hundreds of people invited. After meeting the President and First Lady, the young model performed in a striptease, as seen in the video she posted on her Instagram.

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At one point in the video, the 27-year-old can be seen removing her dress and bra and showing her breasts to everyone. “Are we topless in the White House?!” , asks the person photographing the passing model. However, after the video was posted, controversy arose. As mentioned before daily Mail, this event would have had strong support from Jill Biden. But the fact that several transgender models stripped naked in front of the White House pisses everyone off.

“but don’t be shy Being half naked in the White House? One follower of the model asked. Another wrote: “I understand the euphoria and the urge to party, but you have to respect where you are.” Someone criticized the president: “To win LGBTQ votes, Biden disrespects the American flag and other Americans.”

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