Biden slips down the stairs of the plane, and doubts grow about his future: Will he run again? –

NEW YORK — Joe Biden slips again as he climbs the ladder on Air Force One at the end of his stints in Poland and Ukraine, and doubts Re-election of an eighty-year-old and obviously fragile presidenteven if it was very mentally clear.

Some suspicions also seem to have crept into the White House. The president has always said he aspires to a second term and his advisors remain convinced that, in the end, he will choose to run again.

However, the multiple postponements of the announcement raise some questions: The expectation was that the re-nomination would be launched immediately after the midterm elections. Then there was New Year’s Eve talk, as wife Jill let go of her old reserves and the family looked to get ready to celebrate the start of the new campaign. Then the decision was postponed to February.

But a few days ago, Biden told Univision he didn’t feel ready to make the announcement yet.

Now his aides say nothing definitive will be said until April, and possibly May. And they describe Biden torn

On the other hand, the strong desire to continue out of ambition and because I am convinced that there are not many potential leaders who are capable of Stand up to Putin and Xi, On the other hand his own consciousness physical weaknessAt the beginning of the second term, he was 82 years old, at the end of the eighty-second term.

Postponement of tough decisions is a constant for Biden: So, there would be no wonder he stalled. But with Trump, who has been holding rallies for months, and Biden, who does not talk much about the elections even with his aides, and all of them focused as he is on the government’s domestic and international problems, there are those who are beginning to think that the “plan” should be prepared with “.

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A complex task given the lack of popularity and reservations about the leadership qualities of what it should be The natural candidate to succeed Biden is Vice President Kamala Harris. Another potential candidate for the Biden administration, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, is not doing so well (as we’ll see later). Be that as it may, it is the “conservative party” that, although it remains officially on the heels of Biden, has begun to take preliminary steps for the possibility of a sudden resignation of the president.

At the moment they warm up the muscles above all California Governor Gavin Newsom, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, while Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is keeping a low profile for now. One could also imagine a more extreme “Plan C”: Biden runs for re-election but on a different ticket to prevent a part of America that would vote for him from dropping out for fear of finding himself halfway through his term with Biden. It is forbidden to go forward and perfect the president who has to stand up to Russia and China. boldness. It should be Kamala who takes a step back: she was beautiful, but very demanding: I want to change my life. Very unlikely.

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