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Biden sanctions Russia: “They poisoned Navalny.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia would respond to the new US sanctions in the Navalny case “on the basis of the principle of reciprocity,” but the reaction “will not necessarily be the same.”

The United States decided: to impose sanctions on Russian individuals and companies in response Poisoning of opposition politician Alexei NavalnyWhich took place in Siberia last August with the nerve gas Novichok. Washington declassified the intelligence report attributing responsibility for the incident to the FSB, the Russian intelligence services, “with great certainty.” Among those directly affected by the measures – which will also be implemented by 14 companies, mostly engaged in the production of chemical and biological agents – there is also the head of Russian intelligence, Alexander Portnikov. First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration Sergey Kerenko, Deputy Minister of Defense Alexei Krivoruchko and Pavel Popov, Director of the Federal Prison Service Alexander Kalashnikov, Attorney General Igor Krasnov and Head of the Russian Internal Policy Department President Andrei Yarin.

For the seven, the sanctions include an asset freeze in the United States and a ban on American citizens from doing business with them. It may not be here. One of the officials they spoke with The New York Times , The first to publish the news, he also added that this could be just the first of several steps the Biden administration has taken “to respond to the many destabilizing actions” by Moscow. This is the first anti-Moscow sign in years to show how, in this respect as well, American foreign policy has changed with regard to the Trump administration.

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Russia is accused not only of suppressing dissent within the country, but also of suppressing piracy attacks on other countries, including the United States. Something is also moving on the European side. Brussels has imposed sanctions on four Russian officials in connection with the disputed Navalny prison, which will spend two and a half years in a criminal colony 200 kilometers from Moscow, notoriously harsh conditions for those held there. Moscow’s response is ready. For the Kremlin, what sanctions are meant is “no effect.”

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