Biden is not calling the Twitter number of the former Netanyahu ambassador


More than twenty days after his inauguration, US President Joe Biden has yet to contact Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, despite the close ties between the two allies. It is a delay noticed in Israel and confirmed by the clumsy tweet of former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon, who then had to express his regret.

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Joe Biden has already contacted the leaders of ten countries, “Isn’t it time to call the leader of Israel, the closest ally of the United States?” On Twitter, with a phone number to call. This number used to match Netanyahu’s office number, but is now out of service. The former ambassador was then forced to clarify that the tweet “was not coordinated with the prime minister or his opponents,” the Times of Israel wrote.

The message did nothing but confirm that the expected phone call had not yet arrived. When it was written, Biden had already spoken to leaders from Canada, Mexico, Britain, India, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, South Korea and Russia. Meanwhile, China has added to the list, which appears in the tweet. Netanyahu was very close to Donald Trump, had a very strained relationship with Barack Obama, and Biden was vice president. Biden has known the Israeli prime minister for years, and is said to have a good personal relationship with him. But compared to Trump, the new administration will have a more open stance with Iran and will resume dialogue with the Palestinians.

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