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“Diplomacy is back,” said Joe Biden, on his first visit to the State Department, where he promised to “work with allies and partners” and “renew our role in international institutions and restore our credibility and moral authority.” “To that end, we moved quickly to restore American commitment at the international level, restore our leadership position and stimulate global action on common challenges,” he added.

“We must face this new moment of increasing global challenges, from the pandemic to the climate crisis and the spread of nuclear weapons, which can only be resolved by nations by working together for the common cause,” Joe Biden said in anticipation of his first foreign policy speech About the White House. And he continues, “This must start with diplomacy, which is rooted in our beloved democratic values, defending freedom, supporting opportunities, defending universal rights, respecting the role of law, and treating every person with dignity.” “While many of these values ​​have come under severe pressure in recent years, even being pushed to the brink of the abyss in recent weeks, the American people will emerge stronger, more determined, and better equipped to unite the world in the fight for democracy,” he added.

“Over the past two weeks, I have spoken with the leaders of many of our closest friends to begin to reform the habit of cooperating and rebuild the muscles of democratic alliances that have collapsed after four years of neglect and abuse,” Biden says. “America’s alliances are among our greatest assets,” as well as “guiding them by means of diplomacy by standing side by side with our allies and partners once again,” he continues, warning that we must also “confront our opponents and our opponents diplomatically when necessary.”

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“We must face up to China’s growing ambitions and Russia’s determination to harm democracy,” Biden told the State Department, declaring his commitment against its tyranny.

The United States will no longer “suffer” from hostilities to Russia and will respond: Joe Biden told the State Department, declaring that his attitude toward Vladimir Putin “is different from my predecessor.”

The War in Yemen Must End: Joe Biden told the US State Department.

Joe Biden announced that he would sign an executive order to increase the number of refugees that the United States will receive to 125,000, compared to the 15,000 expected this year, after massive cuts to his predecessor.

US President Joe Biden, speaking to the State Department, requested, “Russian opponent Alexei Navalny must be released immediately and unconditionally.” “We will not hesitate to increase the costs to Russia and defend our vital interests and our people,” he added.

Donald Trump will not testify in the impeachment trial, at the request of the House “directors” representing the prosecution. This is the response of the lawyer for the former president, Bruce Castor and David Schwen, according to which the request is considered a sign of the Chamber’s inability to prove his allegations. Jason Miller also assured CNN that Trump, who was a former collaborator with him, “will not testify in an unconstitutional trial.” Now it is up to the Democrats to decide whether to summon the former Commander in Chief with a quote.

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