Biden abbreviates the Iranian militias and authorizes the implementation of the first bombs

At night between Thursday and Friday US aircraft dropped seven 230 kg bombs on a militia base in Syria, very close to the border with Iraq. It was the first military operation authorized by President Joe Biden – as far as we know – and it gives way to misunderstandings such as: “The new administration stirs up wars.” In fact, these procedures have become routine regardless of who is in the White House because they are part of a round trip between the militias led by the United States and Iran in other countries such as Iraq and Syria. There has been an acceleration in the past two weeks. On February 15, militias fired twenty-five rockets at Erbil International Airport in northern Iraq, which is also inhabited by American soldiers (11 rockets landed in the city streets, killing a civilian), and on February 20 they fired four missiles. Against the Balad Air Base, which hosts US contractors dealing with aircraft maintenance, and on February 22nd, they fired two missiles at the Green Zone in Baghdad – and in that area also the US Army and the United States Embassy. In all three cases, the militias that launched the rockets accepted the possibility of killing Americans, and it was almost a given that the other side would re-impose minimal deterrence – before Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq, which might do so within a week. Bring a temporary calm.

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