Bicycles and scooters, bonus purchase is back

The green light for revenue to reward sustainable mobility.

Users can take advantage of the discount by communicating the order with the amount of expenses incurred (with the required tax credit) by May 13, through the web service available in the reserved area of ​​the agency’s website, or through the telematic channels of the IRS.

Operationally, from the home site (

), select “Reserved Area” by entering with one of the following options: Digital ID (Spid), Electronic ID Card or Service Card.

At this point, you can access and download the application form for tax credit recognition for expenses incurred to purchase sustainable mobility vehicles and services (electric scooters, electric or muscle bikes, public transit subscriptions, shared or sustainable electric mobility services). In the beneficiary box, the tax code must be indicated.

After the application is submitted, a receipt is issued certifying that it has been seized or that it has not been approved. The taxman specifies that communication transmission files are subject to compliance checks that are performed with the income-producing software

: Uncensored files will be ignored and incoming connections will not be obtained. More specifically, a tax credit of up to 750 euros is recognized for those who purchased, from August 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, bicycles, electric scooters, e-bikes, tickets for public transport and electric mobility services. shared or sustainable.

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