Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” Is (Indeed) The Perfect Synthesis of the 1920s

We’re still only two years into the new decade, but break my soul From Beyonce The most representative hymn for our present has already been considered. The first song from his latest album titled Renaissancerepresents much more than a simple summertime song to dance and listen to pure entertainment.

Since its publication date, last Tuesday, it has become a favorite among the singer’s fans who introduced themselves to the script. Social networks indicate break my soul As the national anthem of the great resignation that has rocked the United States and many other countries around the world since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

After the horrific lockdown, millions of people decided to change their lives. They realized that they were not happy, that they were working beyond what body and mind could bear, and that they had not been adequately compensated for these sacrifices they had made.

The result of this awareness? Within a year or so, 3% of the American workforce quit their old jobs. Many of those millions of people now feel that Beyoncé’s song represents them.

Now I’ve fallen in love
I just quit my job
I will find a new drive
Damn, they work hard for me
work at nine
Then after the last five
They work on my nerves
That’s why I can’t sleep at night

“I really fell in love / So I just quit / I’m going to find new inspiration / The damned makes me work hard / I’m at work at nine / I leave after five / They make me nervous / That’s why I can’t sleep at night.”
Everyone can recognize these words even if they never quit their job.

The single begins and ends with the following advice: “Leave your work, free your time.” The call fell on deaf ears and thousands of fans were quick to say that if Beyoncé asked them to quit their job, they would.

break my soul From Beyonce It is a song about rebirth and the desire to start from scratch. The title of R&B Queen’s debut studio album, Renaissanceperfectly reflects what we can expect from the remaining 15 tracks available starting July 29.

Until then the anthem of 2020 can be heard: broke my soul.

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