Beware of this new WhatsApp scam, the consequences of which are not yet known

In recent years, instant messaging apps have replaced outdated text messages. Each of us has a program of this kind in his smartphone. And after the recent success of cableWhatsApp is still the most downloaded app of all time with over 2 billion downloads.

A global success has a dark side: WhatsApp is also the app of choice for hackers. Today in Proiezionidiborsa we are going to talk about the enormous danger for those who use the program. So beware of this new WhatsApp scam whose consequences are not yet known. Let’s try to understand the mechanism and learn how to defend ourselves.

The latest WhatsApp scam is perhaps one of the most mysterious of those messages that have appeared in recent years. These days, many users have received text messages from external numbers about holidays.

Beware of this new WhatsApp scam, the consequences of which are not yet known

The goal of the scammers is to get the classic answer: “I’m sorry but you have the wrong number.” So far everything seems harmless. But with the message comes a link inviting us to click on it.

Fortunately, few people fall for this link and the few complaints do not provide a sufficient basis for understanding where those who click on the link are directed. But it’s very likely the point of another attempt phishing On WhatsApp are the personal data or bank details of users.

How do you defend yourself?

It sounds almost obvious but obviously the easiest way to defend yourself from this scam is to not click on the offending link. The number may be immediately blocked and reported to the Postal Police.

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And if we are afraid of other attacks, we should always follow some simple rules of behavior. First, we must always be wary of messages from unknown numbers or written with grammatical errors.

The most skilled hackers are able to hack even friends’ profiles and use them to send dangerous links. If we don’t recognize your friend’s writing style or the message seems suspicious to us, it’s always better not to open it.

We are also wary of links that lead to popular and trusted sites. It is very difficult for the big names on the Internet to send private promotional messages. Usually they don’t need it. In this case too, it is very easy to escape from the scam. Fake links are often misspelled or redirect us to other hacking sites.

Finally, if we want to increase the general level of security, we can install a cybersecurity tool. It will ask us to add an extra password to unlock WhatsApp but it will add a barrier against hackers and help us find the hidden spyware.


It looks amazing but thanks to WhatsApp we can turn a smartphone into a console

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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