Beware of this disease that stretches and is not a Coronavirus

If the epidemiological situation in which we live has any advantage, it is to reduce the appearance of some common diseases in the winter months such as coughs, colds and flu. This is due to the sharp reduction in the chances of infection due to the restrictions and social limitations of the epidemic.

The same does not apply to other diseases, which do not know a decrease in the likelihood of infection, but they continue to appear. Today we will focus our attention on this mutating disease that is not Coronavirus.

Parasitic worm for fear

The frightening disease we are talking about today is caused by a parasite, specifically A. Nematodes Who lives in fish flesh. We are talking about the notorious Anisakis, which in humans can cause allergic reactions to products released by worms in parasitic fish, or parasites that are caused by ingestion of infected raw fish.

The worm usually lives in salmon, swordfish, tuna, anchovies, cod, mackerel, and monkfish. If you eat an infected fish, we may experience severe abdominal pain along with nausea, vomiting, and in some cases, a high temperature. Sometimes the larvae can be expelled and visible to the naked eye.

If we suspect that we have anemia poisoning, we must immediately intervene by contacting the hospital.

The good news is that we can prevent grouse by cooking or killing fish. If we were to consume raw fish this must have been killed. There is no other way, neither smoking nor salting is effective in killing the parasite that may be present.

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Beware of this transmissible disease, and this is not a Coronavirus

Against Anisakis and all cases of food poisoning we must not let our guard down. If we are right not to give up good sushi or carpaccio, we should absolutely follow suit This advice It consumes previously killed raw fish. Freezing alone does not eliminate the parasite.

We don’t want to create false alarms, but the risk of eating this worm is always inherent. Every year hundreds of people feel bad about the parasite, far too many, if we think how easy it is to prevent it.

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