Beware of this dangerous job, they may follow you

There is a Google Maps feature that has a double face: useful and dangerous at the same time. This is a feature recently introduced by Big G app in order to always know where someone is.

There’s something to worry about, of course, because the idea of ​​controlling one’s attitude is somewhat confusing, to be honest. After all, to think that someone can always tell where we are is upsetting.

Google Maps - 20220925
Google Maps –

Obviously this function cannot be activated without the permission of the ‘controlled’ person, because the privacy law does not allow tracking someone’s movements without that person knowing what is happening, but it is still strange to know that someone is following us via GPS ( GPS) constantly.

Google Maps: The new feature is useful for anxious parents

So this new feature offers the ability to receive a notification every time a friend or family member comes home (or leaves the house, do the same). One of the Google Maps app options that can reassure worried parents or maybe anyone who is worried about people who are on a long trip.

Here’s how to activate this functionality on Google Maps: Inside the app, tap your profile picture, tap Share location, and tap the profile of someone who’s sharing location with us.

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Google Maps –

In the Notifications section, click Add, then in the Choose a location section, you can select an address or click on a predefined site. On the other hand, if you want to choose a new location, you can choose an address in the search bar or click “choose” on the map. After adjusting the position by sliding your finger on the screen, tap Done and that’s it.

At this point, you can choose whether you want to receive a notification when the other user arrives home or leaves the house, and the person who decided to share the location will also receive an email informing them that you’ve added the notification.

With regard to the information shared, Google explains it People you share your location with can see your name, photo, and location in real time across all Google services, even when they’re not using Maps. They can also add location sharing notifications to let you know when you arrive at or leave certain places. Information shared can include places you’ve visited recently, transportation used, information on your device and where you are, such as home and work.”

Sure someone might be tempted to use this functionality to “spy” on other people’s movements but as always, Big G is ready to protect the privacy of its users.

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