Beware of pasta: this can happen

According to a recent analysis, there are significant risks to health in some brands of pasta sold in Italy due to the presence of Insecticides and glyphosate. On this topic, months ago, a really interesting service was broadcast on Striscia la Notizia, a service that piqued the interest of all Italians. The topic was exactly the quality Italian pasta, were analyzed and voted on the basis of the type of grain used and the possible presence of the material. According to the survey, many pastas for sale in many Italian supermarkets will be contaminated. Glyvatoswhich is an insecticide increasingly under accusations because it is considered a carcinogen even if unfortunately it is still widely used everywhere, including our country.

During the Striscia la Notizia episode, Max Laudadio, a journalist who works in this type of service, recounted the investigation that had been conducted in Italian pasta And regarding the potential risks of this, report the results of the analyzes and advice to avoid consuming some brands because they are contaminated with mycotoxins and glycolipids as a result of importing wheat from the United States and Canada. Specifically to avoid these contaminations, many of the big names in Italian pasta They have decided to completely abandon wheat from those regions to reduce any potential risks.

During an interview with experts,Tumors who were asked about the real risks associated with glivatoxin and mycotoxins. Returning to the analysis, as many as 20 different types of spaghetti were sent to the laboratory, and based on the results obtained, the hypothesis emerged that external charges could end up on our plates with their huge baggage of herbicides. Eric. In 7 of the 20 types of pasta analyzed, traces of glyphosate were found and in 6 of these 7 wheat was also imported from non-European countries.

Is it wheat from Canada? For some samples of pasta, the suspicion was very strong but there is no certainty because the labeling law on the packaging allows companies to indicate the source in general”European Union“wow”Not the European Union‘, without specifying. Certainly glyphosate However, it is not only used externally, as evidenced by its concentration – although its content is often and always below legal limits as for many other samples – found in Italian spaghetti with 100% Italian wheat.

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