Beware, many brush their teeth after eating but this is why this is a serious mistake according to dentists

Practicing proper oral hygiene is the most important step in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Brushing your teeth daily is absolutely essential to prevent tartar and cavities from forming. As dentists recommend, it is important to brush your teeth at least three times a day after main meals. Particular care should be taken to wash the evening, to be combined with the use of dental flossAnd the Netalingwa Mouthwash to prevent the spread of bacteria in the mouth during sleeping hours. But be careful, because many do not know that it is very wrong to brush your teeth once you have finished eating a meal. Let’s see why.

We have to wait half an hour before brushing our teeth

How many times have we brushed our teeth at lightning speed after breakfast before rushing out to work? Or do it at lunchtime, when we’re about to finish chewing our last bite of sandwich? In fact, brushing your teeth right after a meal is completely wrong. Dentists recommend waiting at least half an hour after eating. But why is it harmful to brush your teeth immediately after eating?

Beware, many brush their teeth after eating but this is why this is a serious mistake according to dentists

The problem is that right after a meal, an environment arises in our mouths sour. Acid, as we know, is one of the worst enemies of tooth enamel. Therefore, the first minutes after a meal are the most exposed to tooth enamel. Currently rubbing the surface of the teeth with a toothbrush risks destroying and thinning the enamel layer. As a result, it can facilitate the development of tooth decay in the future. The pH of the mouth returns to normal about half an hour after a meal. That is why we must wait half an hour after eating before brushing our teeth.

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Rinse our mouth with water after eating any sweet food or drink

Beware, many brush their teeth immediately after eating, but this is a mistake, as it can lead to a thinning of the enamel layer. Instead of rubbing, to get rid of the acid inside the mouth faster, we should go back to rinsing with simple water. This is also true when we consume drinks, especially sugary or carbonated drinks, as well as tea and coffee. This way, the oral pH will return to normal more quickly.

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