Between wealth and Western criticism

Dubai Museum of the Future

Gulf countries They have become one The magnet for global wealthwith European bankers, US hedge fund managers and Israeli tech founders moving to countries there Zero income tax and a growing scene for food, sports, entertainment and the arts. Prosperity is concentrated in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in Kingdom of Saudi Arabiawith the The State of Qatar Which goes in the same direction after the FIFA World Cup.

the International Monetary Fund Record (International Monetary Fund) that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among major economies who have registered The fastest growing GDP in the world.

the The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia they think For how to maintain this prosperity when a Oil prices They come down and therefore stay busy at Release And diversification their economies.

With this, they attract more tourists and foreign workers from all over the world. The situation in the Gulf leads to a Rebalancing geopolitics in the Middle Eastas leaders in the region change dynamics without the help of the United States.

Criticisms from the Western World

However, these “conservative Islamic countries” still have it Long way to go to achieve gender equality and basic civil liberties, as well as having to develop local manufacturing industries. Moreover, these countries are still lagging behind, with slim who have not yet requested Permission to obtain a driver’s license The homosexuals who They risk imprisonment Just for existence.

Also of note is the reserved treatment of low-skilled immigrants, such as during the construction of their stadiums. Qatar World Cup 2022 (Many day laborers died working in hazardous conditions unacceptable to a civilized society.) In conclusion, it appears that conservative Muslim countries still have a lot to do with this matter Civic development and respect for other human beings.

Cover photo: Museum of the Future in Dubai.

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