Bestial Sunday – Leicester revive ‘black beast’ rule: ‘You’re finally gone’ Filmmakers in Campania want to be challenged

The main component of bestial ones and the bestiality: seems obvious. Bestiality which, however, takes many different sides: credulity Which one meets in the county stadiums, of course, but also the lexical bestiality of some Sports judges press releases It is an inseparable part of this wonderful world, as in some bestial cases decisions. And, as we’ve seen in several episodes of this column, even true, moral bestiality is often the hero on the soccer fields.

If you can’t compete with me, you’re out WRONG CAN BE, WE KNOW: A typo in the press releases of sports judges who find themselves having to spur the disqualification of hundreds and hundreds of teams in five different categories is certainly not serious. But sometimes you feel that these are not typos. This is the case in Campaniawhere a fine of 200 euros appears inAtletico Pisciottathe first category, because “during the second half, both the members and members of the two clubs’ seats began to object to the decisions taken by the general manager, who had to summon the coaches and the captain of the two teams, Invite them to challenge their decisionsWell, the typo happened, as we mentioned… but going forward we read a fine of €100 each.Atletico Vaiano, the same category: “During the second half, both the members and members of the two clubs’ seats began to appeal the decisions taken by the general manager of the club, who had to summon the coaches and captains of the two teams to himself, and they called on them to make a dispute over their decisions.” It’s not a typo: it’s the referees who ask to be challenged. De Justupes…

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finally! – Each team has its own black monster. And the black monster in United kingdom It’s something powerfully iconic. But in this case Canon Doyle No need: we talk about football and every referee team has a bit of luck. to me Lister he is John Mosesnightmare of days Ranieri. But in the usual way, the team awarded Moss an award to mark his retirement on the last day of the season: Vardy And Schmeichel They gave him a festive shirt. the message? “Thank you for retiring, Moses“,” Thanks for quitting, Moses. “

are you honest? I reject you – that mathematical justice can be brutal should certainly not come to be taught in these parts. But sometimes even here you are surprised. actually happens in Ghana from a football player, Hashem Musa, overheard a conversation with his hotel buddies, realizing that the game they were about to play was built in and would finish 5 to 1. Then Musa Al Sadiq decided to score two goals by blasting the floors. Result: one Disqualification for two yearsreduced to six months for him to do justice himself and not to report the incident.

automation for improvement – Since the existence of this column, we have seen many feral invasions: dogs adopted by footballers, lost cats found thanks to their entry into the field, cows, goats. This time to stop the game with the only goal that ends up in our column is kangaroo. Yes, because marsupials stopped the match between them Tujiranong United And Wagga City Wanderersobviously in AustraliaThey run around the field like crazy. Looking at them, you can see, in addition to the frightening sports uniform, also the ability to keep the line when climbing: They do stealth much better than manyCompanies are thinking about it.

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