Best times to eat and lose weight

Do you know what are the best times to eat? Here’s how to prepare a healthy, balanced diet for weight loss

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Did you know that there are times of the day that are more suitable for her? eat meals? If you are following a diet prescribed by a dietitian, this article may provide you with additional useful information. Already there Hours of the day when it is recommended to eatAt the expense of other times of the day.

Recent StudiesIn fact, they highlighted the importance of the moment when the meal is eaten, noting that Best hours to eat. These are useful tips especially for those who follow a certain diet and want to lose weight.

Here are the best times to eat and lose weight

According to some studies, there are affirmations That certain times of the day will be more suitable To consume your own meal. A team of researchers actually did some research on what they are Better hours to eat and lose weight.

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We all have a biological clock Very important, and it is he who defines and distinguishes the stages of the day according to ours Habits. In fact, our body will determine the times of the day when we are most energetic, tired or sleepy.

This system is closely related to The way we feed ourselves. This means that dieting also has consequences (more or less beneficial) for regulating our body.

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In fact, depriving yourself of an important meal like dinner or lunch can be too much Harmful For our health. It is advisable, in fact, to be wary of those do-it-yourself diets that suggest significantly reducing the number of meals, or eating a small amount of food, but throughout the day.

the better hours To eat, in fact, they are found during a certain period of the day. In fact, it is recommended to eat your own meals From nine in the morning until four in the afternoon. This is what recent research suggests.

Scholars divided and observed two groups A sample consisting of both obese people. Each group received one diet Different: one with a higher amount of calories Between breakfast and lunch, while the other Between lunch and dinner.

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I Results showed that in the group that ate the most in the evening hours, Lost less weight Compared to the group that ate the most in the morning and afternoon. In fact, our body is most active during the morning and in the early afternoon hours when it is behavior From food more effective.

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