Best places in the UK for a dream winter vacation

Also this year, the surge in infections in the UK and the rest of Europe makes a potential international trip somewhat complicated if preventive quarantines and various restrictions are accounted for. However, there is cause for frustration: The United Kingdom offers a number of beautiful places where to enjoy winter holidays never forget. Here are the best destinations that will make you dream big!

1 – Cairngorms, Scotia

Cairngorms is a mountain range in the Scottish Highlands. It is part of an idyllic national park ideal for hiking and relaxing among snow-capped mountains and clear lakes. Therefore, it is the perfect place to rejuvenate and catch a breath after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holidays.

2 – Cotswolds

It is a ridge located in the central region of England. The overnight villages feature fairy tales and timeless architecture, as well as stunning panoramic views!

3 – bathroom

Bath is a spa town in the southwest England countryside known for its natural hot springs. In addition to the wonderful Roman baths, the city offers trendy bars, great wine bars, and an endless selection of restaurants.

4 – Dartmoor, Devon

It is one of the most beautiful national parks in the UK as it boasts a wonderful wild scenery with wildlife of all kinds including ponies, cuckoos and otters. In the reserve it is possible to indulge not only in relaxing walks, but also in various winter activities such as horseback riding, cycling and water sports.

5 – Brecon Beacons

Brecon Beacons is one of three national parks in Wales. In winter, it offers stunning views thanks to its wild forests and snow-capped mountain ranges. In addition, the reserve is full of comfortable places to stay such as barns, inns and cottages.

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6 – York

York is a fortified city in northeastern England founded by the ancient Romans. It makes for a great stay in any season thanks to its gorgeous Tudor architecture, many featured markets and assorted Harry Potter themed shops!

7 – Oxford

It is one of the most beautiful and decadent towns in the UK thanks to its sand-colored buildings dating back to the 12th century. In addition to being home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, it boasts a very rich history to discover.

8 – Durham

It is a picturesque historical city with a medieval atmosphere. It is ideal for those who love history as it is possible to visit its charming castle and a number of charming stately homes.

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