Best apps for creating podcasts

Best apps for creating podcasts

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Choose the app to create podcasts

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From the United States to Italy, I audio notation represents the new form ofentertainment who conquered everyone. There are of all kinds and themes. Podcasts available to users online and on different platforms are proliferating and continuing to attract more and more attention. Downloads and plays are in great numbers, due to the quality and authenticity of some of the circulating podcasts. Therefore, it is also excellent communication tool, to build loyalty in your community and a way to do so communicationThey talk about themselves and their interests. In addition to listening to them, it is possible to conduct them. Here are some useful ones App for creating podcasts.


anchor that it The perfect app For those who start in Create podcasts as a beginner. Both work for Registration Andaudio editingThe interface is very clear. The service was recently acquired by a music streaming platform spotify. With this app after creating a podcast, you can Publish it online and distribute it on major platforms. Users can add files Sound effects, transitions, background tracks From an extensive library of sounds. It also works from remote control, with up to four people


It’remote registration application, so it is an ideal tool for those who want to make a product with other people at a distance or have distant guests. SquadCast Records both the voice of the phone call sender and receiver. does not contain a file Audio editing function. From here you can download the audio and edit it with other programs. Application Usage It’s not free, but requires a fee.

Adobe Audition

As well as all products AdobeThis is a paid professional app. Perfect for those who have already taken their first steps into the world of podcasting and audio editing. Adobe Audition Includes a comprehensive set of tools including: Multitrack rendering, audio content optimization, editing, mixing, etc. This application is designed to enable faster production of audio (and video) files and files Professionals. It also allows balancing volumes, adding music, and removing silences.


Zencaster let the Recording audio tracks WAV 16-bit 48K to avoid sound loss for each guest, regardless of their voice Internet connection. Just send them the link and pick it up later Track for each individual podcast participant. The app also allows the . extension video recording With up to four people. With a soundboard you can Add audio clips Even during live recording. It also allows you to act on Disappears, the Repetition and the the sound With hotkeys.

My voice

My voice An application that allows you to work on Auto post production of podcasts on mobile devices. The app takes advantage of Algorithms sound basedArtificial intelligenceIn order to obtain high quality results. He is capable of it Balance levels between headphones, music and speech, Filter unwanted low frequencies e scale down automatically if available buzzing or noise. Users will be able to use the function Voice recognition Automated with editor, available in more than 80 languages. The app is paid, but it guarantees high quality podcasts.

Bosjok Jr.

Bosjok Jr. It is an application that allows you to Standard tracks, or an entire episode, so it’s perfect for audio notation. The app allows you to Add sound effects or songs Directly from your mobile device or from the application itself. Once completed, the user will be able to Upload the file to the cloud And publish it directly on various platforms or on social network.


between App for creating podcasts must be mentioned Buddbin. This is a paid option, but it also has an option Free version Packed with different tools for the users. In the latter case, there will be space constraints, so the length of the bets must be contained. This version, however, allows you to Add background music. Behind paying the full functionality fee, you will have access to valid tools Editing Advanced Statistics System.

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