Bern, in the zoo fake “shoot” antler rifles: removed after controversy

“Children, the associations say – could have a distorted image of that rifle where no one knows why. With the risk of teaching the little ones to hunt.. The zoo first tried to explain the initiative: It is part of our educational mission. A spokesman for the zoo said – He wants to narrate the extinction of the caribou with subsequent resettlement. ”

In fact, these animals were hunted to the last specimen And only in the early years of the twentieth century did the species begin to bloom again timidly, even if it was kept constantly under control by the side-by-side hunting rifles of Swiss hunters.

aEven that’s why those rifles seemed inadequate, e In the end, the zoo had to “surrender.”: “Unfortunately we found out – he writes on Facebook – that The rifle as a symbol of caribou eradication has been misinterpreted. Has been removed. “

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