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Easter rest for Silvio Berlusconi, in hospital in intensive care in San Raffaele in Milan since the morning of Wednesday 5 April. Knight’s condition A slight improvement in the clinical picture that remains “really tough”As described yesterday by his personal physician and head of the intensive care unit, Alberto Zangrillo, who also examined him today and then left the hospital without making any statements.

They were on the fifth day of hospitalization Minimize visits from family and friendsIn addition to the phone calls: Shortly after lunchtime, the eldest daughter arrived marina berlusconi, I stayed inside the hospital for ten minutes; This afternoon again the chief of Mediaset did not miss his greetings, Faithful Confalonieri, He left after less than half an hour. In the evening, the fourth daughter also arrived Eleanor.

In the evening Berlusconi’s first daughter, Marina, she’s back in San Rafael. The head of Fininvest and the Mondadori Group had already visited the former prime minister this afternoon, shortly after lunchtime, to stay inside the hospital for about ten minutes.

The other children of Pascual and his brother Paolo, who have come to the hospital in recent days, were also absent on Sunday. Together with the former Prime Minister, from the first day of hospitalization, his partner and deputy Marta Fassina and father-in-law Orazio, who from time to time leave the Temple on the way to Olgtyna and then return.

The garrison in San Raffaele cannot be missed by Berlusconi’s supporter, the “very loyal” Marco Macro, who arrived Friday morning from the province of Lecce to show his solidarity and who, despite the holidays, is still waiting in front of the hospital to collect Fan letters.

Zangrillo: “It’s still difficult, but he’s responding well to the treatments”

“I’m calm because we’re doing the best we can. And I’m calm because I’m dealing with a patient who’s also a great friend of mine, I can’t deny that, there’s a lot of personal sharing.” But he is someone who is used to always responding to us in the best possible way, and therefore, even in the face of a serious illness in a really difficult situation, he responds well to treatment.. So prof Alberto Zangrillo yesterdaya personal physician for the previous premiereReturn the head of the intensive care unit as he was admitted to the hospital. “Obviously, we are talking about a patient of an age that you all know has a disease and complications that have been precisely defined. This leads to targeted therapies that follow the guidelines, therapies that should always be common in medicine. When the rules of official medicine are applied, therapies are aimed at achieving the goal. Our goal is to be able to achieve an accurate clinical pathological picture.” So is Professor Alberto Zangrillo, head of the intensive care unit at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, where Silvio Berlusconi has been hospitalized since last Wednesday. “Lung infection is a complication of the pathological clinical picture of another nature which we treat in the best way, trying, as with all our patients, to leave nothing to chance,” he added.

What we are reading these days are completely imaginary things that do not respond to any objective standard to which serious doctors refer, and this is above all an objective knowledge of the clinical picture. We have a very precise treatment strategy that can make all those leaps forward and leaps back, so pessimism and optimism do not meet the criteria the objectivity to which a serious physician is called upon.” “I’ve also read that there are characters who have to be serious and they think it’s the opposite of who he is The golden rule of medicine is to speak when you have all the information and to allow yourself to make hypotheses, predictions and judgments about whether or not Berlusconi is able to continue working and doing politics. “I feel a human sense of pity for the hero of the unwise story that appeared in the press today,” Zangrillo said in response to those who asked him if the former prime minister would be able to continue in politics. Professor Cicci, who is an expert on the subject, the embarrassment that such a large institution as the Agostino Gemelli dispensary, an institution that nurtures this gentleman, would surely experience.

Berlusconi and Zangrillo: ‘He’s responding well to treatment, I’m calm’

“Unfounded rumors and alleged insinuations”Thus, according to what is known to those closest to the Berlusconi family, the reconstruction circulating these days is “based on contradictory and imaginary scenarios, projects, designs, or intentions on the political and economic levels.” As reported by ANSA, President Silvio Berlusconi, again according to the same sources, “albeit within the limits imposed by the current clinical situation and ongoing treatments, continues to closely follow the various files that he deals with.” Therefore, the people closest to the Berlusconi family gather from the same family, “together with the confident attitude one takes to the development of one’s health conditions, The growing disappointment in finding in the media the most disparate, contradictory, and creative scenarios, projects, designs, or intentions, whether at the political level or at the level of economic activities.All alleged insinuations and insinuations without any basis. Which, according to those close to the family, “is even more absurd because President Silvio Berlusconi, albeit within the limits imposed by the current clinical situation and ongoing treatments, continues to closely follow the various files that he deals with.”

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