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Benedetta Parodi and the difficulties she encountered during her last journey. The revelation made via Instagram

not always vacation It is synonymous with relaxation, especially when faced with unexpected events that may complicate pre-made plans. And so we have to deal with skipped schedules, trips that become stressful, and vacations that no longer feel that comfortable, even for a few moments.

Benedita Parodi
Benedita Parodi (web source)

He knows something about her Benedita Parodi, who had more than one unexpected event during his last vacation. We’re talking about one of the most followed women even on the web, who gave way to a real culinary TV broadcast. Television and gastronomy, a successful combination that has found great numbers in recent years. Parodi, in this case, started her television career as a host and journalist at Studio Aperto, news of Italy 1. Within this context, he had the opportunity to show himself also through the kitchen.

Since the end of 2008, Benedetta has given up managing the news, devoting herself to the culinary column that is now an icon, a ‘cooked and eaten“. It is precisely this that entered the collective imagination as one of the first forms intended for cooking, which has grown over time and entered the hearts of viewers. After collecting various recipes, in fact, it was published in 2009 book For the kitchen published by Vallardi with the same column title.

Benedita Parodi, the holiday has begun and ended with difficulty

Parodi, with her family and her husband, journalist Fabio Carissa, decided to spend some vacation days in Lapland. However, not everything really started in the best way. “Let’s get off to a good start… We got a car for four, but we have five plus luggage. So now we are here,” the announcer said on Instagram.

Stories written by
Stories by Benedita Parodi (Instagram)

And so, after a not particularly exciting beginning, at the end Benedetta also assessed the situation: “It was a tiring journey, including return. It was snowing a lot, and there were delays. Then we got these pads and We were terrifiedIf we had positive results, we had to stay in Lapland to do the quarantine,” Baroudi explained, always through Instagram stories where she is very active.

Instead, all went well. negative smearsLast night, we went back to sleep. Today we are rearranging ourselves a little ”, explained the journalist, who also reassured her fans that everything was the trip. She certainly did not relax in all respects.

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