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Madrid – The pit, Birdida, Clearly House of Cards. Believe it or not by chance or fate, every Spanish production or distribution by Netflix is ​​a guaranteed success. As can be seen from the title of the moment, which has become as popular in Italy as in the rest of the world, including the United States. Let’s talk about Below zeroor Below zero By Lluís Quílez. History? Simple and effective: protagonist Martin (Javier Gutierrez) is a National Police Corps officer who has moved to a new area and is tasked with transporting prisoners. Together with the new partner, he drives the armored truck to transport prisoners on a winter night. The operation takes a (obvious) twisted turn when an armored vehicle is attacked. Thus, Martin finds himself with prisoners trying to escape, while outside he is attacked by a group of unidentified bandits. Between fires.

Javier Gutierrez and Martin

The question is, but what is the strength Below zero? We will say that the simplicity of the narration is seasoned with a story that is constantly evolving in unexpected directions. This is a vital and essential component of home visions on Friday night, between shaking the Instagram bulletin board and picking up another hit movie and playing it to watch in action. And another element in his favor, the characters: On the one hand, the respected Martin, the father of a family with two daughters, is struggling with a delicate (first) task, and on the other hand his colleague Montesinos (Isaac Ferrez), the rude and impudent official means with prisoners who wear earring and goes against the rules. Unlike his partner, Martin loves to respect the rules and the law. In short, the classic couple opposites, which creates in the spectators the necessary sympathy that prompts them to continue seeing.

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Inspirational shot from Sotto lo Zero
Inspirational shot from Sotto lo Zero

The other joint for Below zero, Which makes it easy to use and instantly popular, is the aura of mystery surrounding the scenario: in fact, from the start, there is a mysterious character, a man shrouded in shadow, which, later, we find it in the snowy forest, during the assault on the truck. Solving the mystery, without revealing it, is the series that makes the movie so interesting, devoid of obvious, improbable, excessive, and exaggerated changes. An exaggeration that’s easy to neglect, because the viewer’s attention is exclusively about how Martin got out of a situation as ridiculous as it is engaging. In short, rich dish and guaranteed entertainment. Spain is hitting the target again.

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