Bellinazzo: “The Scudetto in Naples would be a miracle. De Laurentiis will cut his salary”

Marco Bellenazzo, journalist at Sole 24 Ore, made some comments on Radio Kiss Kiss’s microphones during the Radio Goal broadcast.

Marco Bellinizzothe journalist for Sole 24 Ore, during Radio Goal’s broadcast on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli. “A miracle in FC Napoli? Yes, it would be a miracle. Especially for salaries because they are lower than Juventus, Inter and Milan. Then it is true that Napoli has grown in recent years at the sporting level, with important results, but always looking at the balance of accounts. 2021 was a difficult year of Where the budget is, and for this reason also, starting next season, De Laurentiis will opt for a salary cut, with Insigne out as the first example.”

Then he added: “The imbalance in Italian football comes from a distance between the costs of cards, transfers and mediations without improving revenues, and then the stadiums were closed due to the epidemic, which aggravated the debt of the Italian League, which exceeded three billion euros.”

Finally, about the possibility of holding tournaments during the Qatar World Cup: “More money is coming from the Emirates, and maybe less in terms of strategy in the internationalization project. I don’t like the idea of ​​the tournament, the Mondialito, during the World Cup, but not to get rid of everything. The top flight in the United States is a less popular league than The Premier League and La Liga. So something has to be done.”

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