Belgium’s Elizabeth is ready to fight: the photos are unprecedented

Elizabeth of Belgium takes military training courses at the Royal Military Academy in the summer to cool off her figure and prepare for the role of Queen. A few days ago I completed a one-month intensive course (Photo: KMS/ERM – Erwin Ceuppens)

The future queens grow up. They are putting themselves to the test more and more. Even in Belgium, where the royal house has just released pictures of Princess Elizabeth shared by military exercise.

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Elizabeth of Belgium in the soldier version

The future king, daughter of Queen Mathilde and King Philip, attended summer camp in July Royal Military Academy To celebrate the end of the school year. Not a small test: for about a month the princess and her companions lived asleep on the floor, without any form of luxury, forced to look after each other and live in a group. After the experiment, the royal house released pictures that tell a new side of the girl who will one day sit on the throne of Belgium.

The princess is ready to fight

Wearing camouflage With her face painted green, the 20-year-old looked very focused. On the other hand, military training requires it. The purpose of the course, in fact, is to learn patrol and driving techniques, as well as get used to resisting stress and fatigue through field exercises.

As we read in an Instagram post from the Royal Military Academy, cadets give orders to a nine-person division during summer camp. Not only that: they perform periodicals They learn to observe without seeing. They also train in military sports, including Track barriers, Participation in an orientation session. At the end of July, the camp closes with an exam in which students are tested themselves Tactical skillsEither at night or during the day.

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This isn’t the first time Elizabeth of Belgium has dressed in military clothing. He actually did it two years ago, to the same school. In fact, he spent a year at the Military Academy, studying Social and Military Sciences in 2020 before moving to Wales.

He now always lives in the UK, studying at Lincoln College, Oxford, following a degree course in History and Political Science. More and more ready to ascend the throne. With the character more and more willing to take on any kind of difficulty.

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