Belgium, “Transfer” farmer by mistake borders France by a distance of two meters –

He moved without knowing it, The border between his country, Belgium and France. Fortunately, without causing any dispute. The engineer of the process was a Belgian farmer, upset that a memorial stone was found in the way of his tractor. To discover the extension De facto From Belgian territory – reported by the local press of both countries concerned e Resumed from BBC – He was a fan of local history, while he was walking through the woods on the Franco-Belgian border Bousignies-sur-Roc, a French municipality in the northeast.

The Frontier Stone – between the cities of Bossini (in France) and Montinez (in Belgium) – dates back to 1819, a few years after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in The Battle of WaterlooWhen the border between present-day France and Belgium was first defined. Belgian farmer, Move the stone by 2 meters and 29 cm“Make Belgium bigger and France smaller,” said David Laveau, mayor of the Belgian village of Erquilinas, with a smile. “I was happy, my city was bigger. But the mayor of Bossini Sur Roque did not agree. ”

The border between France and Belgium, which extends for a distance of 620 km, was established in implementation of an agreement The Treaty of Cortrigue(It took place on March 28, 1820 in the current Museum of Art Broil Museum In the Belgian city), After the defeat of Napoleon In Waterloo, five years ago. The treaty established the border between France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. For the time being, these limits remain, with some minor corrections. The local authorities in Belgium contacted the farmer and invited him to return the stone to its original location. If this does not happen, the case may end up in the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will have to hold a meeting of the Franco-Belgian Boundary Commission. It is not easy, given that the committee has not met since 1930. Laveau certainly has not forgotten to emphasize that if a farmer does not cooperate, he may also face legal consequences: “If he shows goodwill, we will settle the matter amicably.”

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