Belgium, divided on almost everything, united around the national team. like Italy

From articles that tell anomalies Belgium, how is a nation created on the table by the powers of the nineteenth century, after the defeat of Napoleon in Waterloo, there is abundance. Many explain in detail the many anomalies that have been organized in a country federal state which does not even have a one-size-fits-all name (Koninkrijk België for the Flemings, Royaume de Belgique for the Walloons, Königreich Belgien for the German minority. Belgium in the English version, Neutral) is administratively divided into 3 regions – Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels (which in addition to being the capital of the federal state, e de facto of the European Union, and is also the capital of 2 out of 3 territories – eه 3 community – Flemish community, Dutch-speaking (about 60% of the population), Francophone community, French-speaking (about 35% which includes Brussels, which in the Flemish region has experienced an interesting process of “French”) as well as the German-speaking community, German-speaking (1% ), and has its own council and government, in Eupen, east of the Walloon region.

Each of these facts jealously protects its linguistic and regional identity (especially the Flemish part) and has a certain reluctance to recognize itself in the federal state, Belgium, where the language of communication, between different societies, often becomes a neutral language, that is English.

In short, Belgium as we know it today was born in 1830 after a liberal Catholic revolution to expel the Dutch Protestant rulers, who had been appointed to lead Al-Walid. “buffer state” (United Kingdom of the Netherlands, 1814) Established by the powers of the time to stop French expansion.

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Almost 200 years have passed and the Kingdom of Belgium has survived Almost divided into everything (Even the schools of famous Belgian cartoonists are different between Flemish and Walloon) and even if they manage to proceed in a kind of “organized chaos”, with governments that – when they can compose (Belgium keeps records of periods without a government, as recently as 600 days) – always What would be the result of complex adjustments between different factors, if patriotic spirit Turns only and exclusively when the “Red Devils”, I Red Devils, They compete in some of the major international tournaments. When the national team plays, you stop speaking French, German, Flemish or immigrants and all become a wild fan of the national selection.

After years of feeling inferior to the great football school of Dutch neighbors and bitter disappointment Euro 2000, where they introduce themselves to Europeans from hosts But with a poor selection eliminated in the first round, Belgium invested a lot in youth training and about ten years ago produced a generation of phenomena that express modern football thought and attack, which although it did not produce. Any big win (third place in the 2018 World Championships is the maximum result) led the Red Devils to 1st place in the world ranking FIFAIt is a source of great pride for the entire nation.

Nobody cares anymore that the Hazard brothers are Wallon and that De Bruyne, Mertens and Courtois are FlemingIt also doesn’t matter that you avoid the old factions in the Belgian national team locker room speaking English, or Spanish coach You don’t speak any of the country’s official languages, for the World Cup and for Europeans, the entire Belgian population cheers for Belgium and does so in a very emotional and colorful way.

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Moreover, the national team, as well as being an instrument of unity between French and Flemish speakers, represents what it might be The real added value of this country, This is Merge. In the footsteps of our local hero Vincenzino Sevo (Sicily from La Louviere, same city as Eden Hazard, who today inherited his number 10 shirt) Today walk the children and grandchildren of immigrants representing Belgium, like Yannick Carrasco (Spanish/Portuguese descent, born in Brussels), Axl Weasel (Martinique, born in Wallonia) or the greatest goalscorer in the history of the national team, Romelu Lukaku, who has Congolese ancestry and said by the way: “Sometimes I start a sentence in French and complete it in Flemish, and in between I use several expressions in Spanish, Portuguese or Lingala, depending on where I am. I’m from Belgium. We are all from Belgium. That’s what makes this country great, isn’t it? And this is exactly the case, with the children of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, outside the historical, cultural and linguistic discourses, which proudly represent the colors of a state that, though strange and created on the table, is welcoming and interested in social contact. A value, not a burden.

With huge variances and differences in history, language and size (even if Italy as a country is technically smaller than Belgium, it was “born” in 1861, 30 years later) how many times have we said our country is such a lonely country Only when the national team plays? The blue shirt is the only way to see people who disgust Southerners, want to break up and spit on the flag, and rejoice in the actions of a trident of Neapolitan and Calabrian people, trailed by a Sardinian and a Brazilian. Toto Shilachi He was a national hero all summer, Summer of Magical Nights, but that didn’t save him from the prejudices and racist chants, such as “steals the tires”, which “fans” dedicated to him every Sunday.

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Sports have more persuasive power than big ones Diplomacy And if conveyed well, it can be an extraordinary vehicle for unity, integration and social cohesion.

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