Belén Rodriguez, do you know what her latest purchase was? DRIVE A LITTLE GEM: She’s perfect for someone like her


Belen Rodriguez is one of the most famous women of the so-called Italian star system (and beyond): a mixture of beauty, artistic qualities, private life and even hobbies: such as those of motors.

For a long time it was really known how and how much Belin Rodriguez She is particularly connected to the world of cars: she loves to drive them and of course to be photographed and immortalized alongside them.

pictures that spread across the web, social picks that they store Likes, A curiosity that grows and much, if not all, to shed light on the parable beauty For a charming woman, to say the least. and then?

And then, of course, next to the well-known showgirl beauty and charm, Jamal vehicles which yes accompanies. So the question almost automatically arises: what Pelin driving?

In particular, many were fascinated by the choice of car model they bought: a real gem A 4 wheels Which seems perfect for a charming woman like her. or which?

Belen Rodriguez, here’s his car: It’s crashing

Over time, Pellen has been seen alongside cars of all kinds, all levels of economic value and more: but she has certainly won many ‘likes’ and specific model. Let’s get to know the person we are talking about.

Belin Rodriguez Beautiful bought Audi Q7an exciting gem that showcases beautiful qualities it’s interesting. It was the artist herself who made her known through her works social channels.

on your personal account, Belen She’s shown shots of her beautiful new car, and she’ll no doubt be thrilled to drive it. after every thing , Audi Q7 It is definitely a fairy tale.

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What are the focal points of this car? Let’s see what might have befallen a woman like Belenwhich seems to be very demanding in terms of the quality of the car.

Pelin’s car is actually just as wrecking as it is

Starting with white, Belen’s car, the Audi Q7, stands out for its high-impact lighting system selection, with the choice of the HD Matrix LED system. and then?

belen1. motorzoom
belen1. motorzoom

A lover of comfort and also Quality to edge, Beilin has chosen a car that perfectly blends elegance in the interior deluxe Choose the style that leaves you breathless.

Also, whoever wants it Practical application And supports In the Guide, Here is a very practical touch interaction system that allows an extension navigation Secure with the most efficient map update system.

Definitely not lacking in the engine performance They really leave you speechless. But how much can a car of this type cost? We’ll start from a base of a little more seventy five thousand euros, without options.

Then release Athlete Exceed 85 thousand euroswith the TDI model just above 81k.

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