Belen Rodriguez at Stefano Di Martino’s house? ‘Inconsistent’ details

We continue to talk about Belen Rodriguez and Stefano Di Martino: it looks like the two are really back together.

Leaves room for doubt only a video posted to Stories on Instagram by the showgirl, in which the two snuggle in bed together, in the darkness of the evening. Tangible evidence of the rediscovery of serenity, which with faith represents on the finger the seal of endless love.

But now there’s another social post of the attention-grabbing showgirl, wishing a happy day from what it might look like in Stefano Di Martino’s house: In the pictures you can see a beautiful table set ready to welcome diners, but the user’s wary eye ended up right above the tablecloth used for dining the lunch.

The tablecloth that gets the fans hooked

“In my opinion, the tablecloth deserved an extension,” one wrote in the comments to the post, referring to the linen tablecloth featured in the photo strewn with pleats.

However, there are those who defend the choice of the showgirl: “A butcher on his show said that the tablecloths
Linen should not be ironed.” The user refers to Csaba dalla Zorza who explains in his blog how linen tablecloths should not be ironed, but rather should be “blown” in the dryer. And if Csaba says so we can trust: She is an Italian conductor, writer and expert in table manners. benign.

So there is nothing wrong with Beilin’s table: the linen tablecloth goes with the customs and at this time the critics will have to resign.

Photo: Kickapres

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