Being beaten without reason by gangs with clubs and sticks while walking in Paris: 15 years in a coma

He chased him down and banned him and beat him with batons and sticks by a gang of guys who beat him to a coma just because he was walking down the street in the evening with some of his friends. It’s horrible. Assault on a 15-year-old French boy, Yuri, He was badly beaten by dozens of people in Bougrenelle in the 15th arrondissement of Paris a week ago. As shown in a video of the surveillance cameras of the area published by the local media, the teenager was surrounded by a gang of youths slightly larger than him, who attacked him with kicks and punches, even with batons and sticks. Leave it dormant on the ground.

Aggression so violent that it so disturbed Paris and France that Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen also intervened, commenting:Incredible ferocity attack. The investigation should shine a light on the facts and stop the authors of this contemptible gesture. ”Local police and judiciary are investigating the case, which opened a file for attempted voluntary murder, but at present there is no trace of officials because they covered their faces during the attack.

According to his mother’s account, while on the street with four other students his age, dozens of elderly people attacked them, armed with baseball bats and sticks. Everyone ran away but Yuri fell and did not show mercy to the herd even though the 15-year-old and his friends posed no danger to them. A week after the events and after a lobotomy, the teen woke up in a coma but was still under the tube and hadn’t spoken yet. The family launched several online calls to find witnesses to what happened. It’s been over a week now. The book is still around, they must be stopped now. The mother said, “I do not want any mother to go through what I am ordered.”

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