Beijing 2022 Olympics, British senator calls for boycott of Coca-Cola sponsor

A conservative representative of the House of Lords has called for a boycott of Coca-Cola for its decision to sponsor the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: “China discriminates against minorities”.

Representative of the House of Lords in United kingdom, which is equivalent to our country Senator, promised to lead a Boycott Coca-Cola Products to Care for the company in Beijing 2022 Olympics. Conservative Robert Hayward, founder of the world’s first gay rugby club and former Coca-Cola chief of staff, said it was unacceptable for companies to help promote the use of the Winter Games as propaganda training. Given concerns about the treatment of one million Uyghurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang.

NGOs such as Human Rights Watch have accused the administration of Xi Jinping of crimes against humanityHong Kong’s growing repression, media control and mass surveillance. A recent investigation by an independent organization has exposed the links between the repression and exploitation of minorities and the international trade in tomatoes. Hayward said he would not buy any of the Coca-Cola products, which include brands like Innocent, Schweppes and Fanta, and hoped that a large number of people would do the same: “If they’re going to take this approach, they have to understand that,” she said. There are a lot of people in this world, many of them may be Muslims but others of different faiths, who simply think it is unacceptable.” “It is a propaganda event and I will not accept it when so many people suffer and lose their freedom.”

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Coca Cola

spokesperson International Olympic Committee The sponsors “provide valuable financial resources that support the development of sport at all levels around the world,” helping to reallocate the equivalent of about $3.4 million per day to athletes and sports organizations at all levels. They said that sponsors have no role in choosing the host country for each tournament. Coca-Cola did not respond to a request for comment, but the company said on its website that it is the “longest-running sponsor” of the Summer and Winter Olympics, and is proud to support the Olympic movement.

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