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elden ring He’s having a serious problem with multiplayer: i AFK players. Now, a user has shared a file Videowhich you can see below, shows his research on users who cheat online.

In case you didn’t know, I AFK players (for example, “away from the keyboard”) are the users who start the game, make themselves available for invasions and hide in almost inaccessible points on the map, using Torrente. The stand is not available in multiplayer mode, so the invader has no way of reaching the opponent, as long as he knows where he is. This does not happen often and the frustrated invader leaves the session dying and loses the runes that the invaders acquire. This is a problem because it makes it difficult to find honest players to pit PvP with and ruins the experience for everyone.

a Elden Ring playerAnnoyed by this (which is not the first, of course), he decides to hunt down the AFK players and, using long-range weapons, defeat them and collect the clips into one video. In the latter, we can see that the invader had help from other players, who nonetheless realized that he was AFK and let the invader do his work.

In one session, the user in question eliminated 15 players from Elden Ring AFK. If you invade a user and can’t find it, check out the large stone cliffs and pillars standing in the water, to see if it’s there, possibly transformed into an object to be incorporated into the background.

If you’re not a fan of PvP and are just looking for personal quests, finding one has become even easier thanks to update 1.03.

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