Because the metaverse is the first step towards teleportation

A new fully immersive virtual reality is already being built. The metaverse will allow you to live it with all your senses.

3D reality already exists. The concept of the metaverse is still somewhat shrouded in fog. Assumptions, predictions, real investments, and rumors that don’t make it easy to understand how you can truly become a part of what can actually be Human 2.0. Technologies for teleporting users to parallel worlds are already being improved and developed. Most people are moving around the new metaverse Major investors from all sectors. From fashion to entertainment, from consumer electronics to finance. Let’s try to understand exactly what Zuckerberg’s project expects, and above all whether the times will be really as short as he had hoped.

Who builds the Metaverse?

Before understanding how we will be teleported into the metaverse, we must understand that all infrastructure is still under construction. It’s a bit like a city, where before you build buildings, you need all that series of conduits, water, electrical and sewage connections that will power the system. No single company can build metaverses, whatever its form, albeit as powerful as Zuckerberg’s. Through the cooperation of a dense network of companies, each with its own part, we will add more and more pieces to the mosaic, so that it becomes a concretely usable business. To explain it briefly, if the will is to re-create an alternative life consisting of shopping and work, Experiences that go beyond video game augmented reality – which, by the way, already exists – editor – it is necessary for multiple components to become compatible. Basically, the network must first be implemented to allow hundreds of millions of people at once Access to MetaverseWhich is why investors are rushing so much into the 5G sector (and may have to move to 6G to deliver an efficient service), and why phone companies are investing millions of dollars in this regard.

Metaverse and Cryptocurrency

If goods or services are to be exchanged within the Metaverse, then alternative and secure transactions will be required. This is why companies regulate a Cryptocurrency development With tools and platforms suitable for this type of operation. Every office, every store, and every retailer should be able to provide the technology that Zuckerberg and a few others are currently working on. Few names? Chip maker Nvidia Corp, for example, or Unity Software, and in particular, video game developers and producers such as Roblox Corp, Epic Games and Microsoft itself. The network of “builders” includes the whole world. There is no shortage of Chinese company TikTok that has invested in the production of Pico VR headsets and in mobile games Reworld, always in light of this new horizon dominated by the metaverse.. There is no shortage of leading consulting firms, which already have employees willing to help companies enter the metaverse. One of them is Dubit from UK.

In all of this, those who believe more than anything in the possibility of recreating augmented reality in all areas of life, it is Mark Zuckerberg who claims, with Facebook Inc. – Now Meta Platforms Inc. – that “Millions of users are ready to embrace virtual reality technology, with their headphones on, and live their lives in immersive online environments. This could mean attending a business meeting in a virtual conference room, visiting a digital factory, or hanging out with distant friends in a simulated salon.Zuckerberg frankly concludes that “ metaverso It is the next frontier of humanity.”

Teleportation within the Metaverse

Basically, if all the actors involved in this huge project were able to provide the means for the world’s population, they would be able to become definitively part of a completely new life. concrete example? Imagine that we are on vacation, or the snow in a shelter obscures us, waiting for the bad weather to pass. We receive an invitation to a party, or a call from a loved one who wants us with her. Let’s take A diving kit ‘consisting of a visor, overalls and gloves with sensors capable of delivering audio-visual and tactile stimuli (they do exist but are at the moment a bit too expensive for group trade) and we ‘teleport’ to the party or loved home. Other participants will wear the kit Also.The devices will recreate the holograms of each, so as to allow full interaction.

Situations can be the most divergent. Here with your toolkit you can go to work while you stay, in fact, at home. Interaction with colleagues will be comprehensive, as well as with a computer, office and printer. Same with a store, event, fashion show, or concert. So let’s imagine more details and go further. Environments, avatar, music and background sounds can be customized in infinite ways, as is done now in video games. This makes the metaverse a place, in fact, Where anything can be done.

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jaw knot

Even if it all seems technically “simple” – in practice we just have to wait for the devices to become available to anyone – there are some aspects that companies are weighing. Like the lack of communication in many regions of the world and above all people’s lack of confidence in accepting such a historic change in their habits. That is why companies specializing in advertising are already creating a very balanced and borderless marketing activity. In every sense of the word it is appropriate to say. In fact, the concept of the metaverse and its practically infinite possibilities must reach a large segment of people before they are sufficiently connected. According to some analysts and statistics specialists, it will take at least 3 years before Meta VR viewers will be accessible to at least 20 million users (very few, if you think about the final project). At the moment, devices cost a lot. But the companies are working hard, because the goal goes far beyond making the metaverse a virtual world for purely entertainment purposes.

What can happen in working with the metaverse

Everyday life as we know it will undergo a 360-degree transformation from a commercial, logistical, environmental and, of course, emotional point of view. Someone is already thinking about the “security” factor. In an alternate universe, precise rules must be applied aimed at protecting the (physical, financial, and emotional) safety of the people within the metaverse. It is also evident for those who work physically on its architecture.

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